There are some aspects of a home or property that just can’t be seen from the ground. Property layout, topography, view and relation to surrounding amenities are just a few of the features of a home that can be showcased better with an elevated vantage point.

Aerial Drone Photography and video are a great tool to give potential buyers a different perspective on a property. The drone portion of the shoot will focus on capturing the home as well as the surrounding neighbourhood from above. This added perspective will allow a potential buyer to better understand what living in the home will be like and what the surrounding area may offer, while enhancing your marketing performance.

All of our Drone services are in addition to your photo package. Photo packages include the number of photos selected as well as an additional 8 drone photos. Video packages are complete with traditional video services as well as drone footage to create a full featured video.


Standard Photos & Drone

Starting at $338 (20 Stills + 8 Drone)

HDR Photos & Drone
Starting at $410 (20 Stills + 8 Drone)

Twilight Photos & Drone
Starting at $570 (20 Stills + 8 Drone)

HD Video & Drone
Starting at $556(Under 2.000 sq.ft)

4K Video & Drone
Starting at $714(Under 2,000 sq.ft)

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