There are some aspects of a home or property that just can’t be seen from the ground. Property layout, topography, view and relation to surrounding amenities are just a few of the features of a home that can be showcased better with an elevated vantage point.

Aerial Drone Photography and video are a great tool to give potential buyers a different perspective on a property. The drone portion of the shoot will focus on capturing the home as well as the surrounding neighbourhood from above. This added perspective will allow a potential buyer to better understand what living in the home will be like and what the surrounding area may offer, while enhancing your marketing performance.


Standard Phots & Drones

Starting at $338 (20 Stills)

HDR Photos & Drone
Starting at $410 (20 Stills)

Twilight Photos & Drone
Starting at $410 (20 Stills)

HD Video & Drone
Starting at $671(Under 2.000 sq.ft)

4K Video & Drone
Starting at $717(Under 2,000 sq.ft)

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