Yes! BC Floor Plans carries $1 million of errors and omissions insurance.

To provide a basic quote for staging a property we would need the following information:

  • The size of the property (apartment, townhouse, house)
  • The number of bedrooms
  • The number of rooms that require staging
  • Access to the property (street, lane or elevator)

Unfortunately if a staged property sells early we cannot refund the cost of the rental for the remainder of the month. We can rent for smaller periods of time though if the rental isn’t needed for a full month. We can work with clients on a individual basis to determine needs. We have the resources to accommodate almost all requests.

All quotes are offered for free, consultations are charged as they include a site visit and recommendations.

We offer a staging and pillows package. This is staging with some small accessories, cushions and art that can be put up specifically for photographs or left up for 30 days for viewings. This is includes the cost of the initial consultation & redesign package.

We can work around pretty much any budget, and the services can be tailored to fit. During an initial consultation our professional Stagers can suggest what services would be bring the best value or provide a full staging quote. All prices that include staging or re-design include the cost of 30 days of rental. After the initial 30 days rental equipment is approximately 80% of the first months rental cost.

Our technicians use laser distance tools to measure each wall segment of the home. These calculations will be transferred to a tablet computer where they will draw the majority of the home on site. Windows, doors, openings, etc will also be measured and entered into the drawing. This method is the absolute best for accuracy and to limit errors as they can be seen by our technicians on screen in real time. Since each area is physically measured for complete accuracy, access to all interior areas of the home is necessary.

Yes. All interior space from the outside finished wall is included in the total square footage, with the exclusion of any open to below areas. Even if the dimensions are not written on the plan for specific areas (such as hallways, stairwells or even bathrooms) the square footage calculations are still included. To keep plans as aesthetically pleasing as possible we try to avoid overcrowding on plans and may not include the dimensions of some rooms on the physical copy of the plans. Any dimensions not shown on the plans will always be included on the included measurements sheet and reflected in the total square footage.

Of course. We provide both an unbranded and branded copy of all plans and tours, allowing you the freedom to choose whichever works best for your individual needs, and to conform to MLS guidelines.

The total square footage of the property includes all interior space, including the space that is occupied by walls, hallways etc. and is an accurate representation of the home as a whole. The room dimensions represent the longest length and width of each room to give the best representation of the space. Multiplying and adding these together will not give you a correct representation of the property as a whole as these do not include walls and not all rooms are square or rectangular. We use specialized software to calculate each nook and cranny of a space to insure that everything is included as per ANSI standards

Virtual tours are included within the cost of photography and are a fully customisable slideshow of still images of the property, set to music, that can also include floor plans or branding for advertising a property online. Our virtual tour software also provides a backend area where you can customize the tour to your liking, as well as set up weekly viewing statistics to be sent directly to your clients if you wish. HD Videos are tours created using video instead of still pictures. The videos are taken using panning & sliding shots of each room and then edited into a short video that can be uploaded to Youtube or your own website. These can also be branded or unbranded as desired and will be provided within an online virtual tour. 360 degree panos are a collection of images that are created using a specialized tripod head. These images are then stitched together and, when viewed using a virtual tour software, can give you a view of being able to “spin” around a point in the room. Some other photography suppliers call these “virtual tours” but they are more accurately an added part of the actual online virtual tour which, by definition, is a simulation of an existing location.

Branded virtual tours would include your name, contact details and brokerage information whereas an unbranded tour would be the tour alone. Branding can be found on tours by clicking on the more info. tab in the top right which will bring up a drop down menu with all information.

The quicker you can get the information to us to include in the marketing materials the quicker we can get these out to you. Allow around 2 business days turnaround to be safe but for more urgent listings we can provide quicker turnaround if required. To speed up the process we do ask you to choose from one of the templates on our website to use as a base point and send over all MLS information to us as soon as available. Proofs will be sent to you via email for approval. Before we can print and deliver feature sheets and flyers we will need written approval via email. If you require custom graphic work, longer work times will be required.

Basic 3D floor plans do not match the furniture, flooring and wall coverings of the existing property but would have interiors appropriate to a room’s use. For example a living room would have a sofa, tv, coffee table etc. and a bathroom would have a tiled floor. For premium 3D floor plans, our technicians will take multiple pictures of the property for use back in the office. We would use these pictures to match the furniture, floorings and wall coverings as closely as possible to the existing property.

This is dependent on the services ordered. For floor plans we do not need much preparation besides having full access to all interior areas of the home, and any other areas you wish to have included on the floor plan. For photography we would ask that all areas be photo ready. Such as making sure any clutter is removed from countertops, beds are made and toilet seat lids are down. Having the home as tidy as possible will make for a much better picture. For staging we also would ask that the home be as tidy as possible but this is all dependant on what staging services are being ordered. We are there to get the home looking its best for pictures and are happy to show you how to make your existing furniture and accessories show their best. Or if its a vacant home or you want to display the home (or a particular room) as a show suite we have custom full staging packages available.

To book in a property for any of our services we would need to know the approximate size of the property (sq. ft.), the address of the property and any access information (such as unit or buzzer numbers). We would also need your name and any contact details, including home owners, who may be meeting our technicians on site.