The interior designer inside us all is inherently biased. Whilst we may know the benefits of a strategically placed scatter cushion it can sometimes takes a truly professional eye to veto Fido’s favourite chew toy/Grandma’s lace curtains/favourite vase.

BC Floor Plans is here to help. Offering a full range of professional staging and design services our experienced stylists can give you a home straight out of the covers of Vogue Living. From initial consultation through to final presentation our staff can help to cultivate a look specifically yours.

Staging Consultations provide an extensive walkthrough of the property and can help to advise on de-cluttering, furnishings and accessory arrangement. All clients will be provided with a property breakdown and quote based on personal requirements.

Accessory packages are a simple, cost efficient and effective way to modify your home without compromising on personal style. Art and soft furnishings can be provided and implemented by our team of stylists to rejuvenate any home.

For vacant properties requiring complete furnishing our Staging experts can organise rental and delivery of appropriate materials to create a truly photogenic home. All quotes will include the cost of delivery, styling and the first 30 days of rental.

Staging doesn’t end with furnishings, our team are also happy to provide advice on exterior touch ups and paint colours to complete your balanced and beautiful living space.

Property Staging is an art and our experts utilise their extensive experience to tailor a package that is right for you. With access to substantial resources we can find products suitable for any budget.

Full staging prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the property. For accurate and personalised quotes we would book a consultation where our Staging experts will be able to go through all areas of the home that you would like staged and provide a custom quote.

*Staging Consultation – $195

**Free Quote

All prices that include staging or re-design include the cost of 30 days of rental. After the initial 30 days rental equipment is approximately 80% of the first months rental cost.


*Staging Consultation – $195.00

**Occupied Property Consultation and Redesign – Starting at 350.00

***Occupied Property Consultation, Redesign & Accessories – Staring at 550.00

****Vacant Properties Starting at $1,500.00 depending on options discussed during the consultation

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