Virtual Staging

Have a vacant property and don’t want to deal with the hassle (or expense) of having it fully staged? We have the answer with virtual staging.

Within 2 business days, we can add furniture to any photo of an empty space to make it look like it was professionally staged. Lighting, shadows, colour correcting and angle adjustments are all made to make sure the furniture looks as natural as possible. Its rare that anyone is able to tell the difference between our virtually staged photos and those taken of a home that has been professionally staged. Having virtual furniture can save thousands in staging costs and allows you to demonstrate how the layout can work for potential buyers.

Since every home is unique, we have a range of furniture styles so you can choose what will look best for the home’s character and style. Simply look through the examples below and let us know the style you would like when selecting your images for virtual staging.


Staged Still Photos

1 Photo for $60.00

3 Photos for $150.00

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